Nike Women's Fitness 5K - June 2010

Nike Women's Fitness 5K - June 2010
Walked this course in 2009 - walked and partially ran the course in 2010.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finished Week One!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

So, as of yesterday (Friday) I finished the first week of C25K and am extremely proud of myself.  The second day wasn't too bad -- I even kept running more after the last 60 second run when I was supposed to be doing the cool down walk.  The third day was a bit harder - but I think it is because it was warmer outside and I ran in the middle of the day instead of early or late.

I need to take my measurements and some pictures this weekend before I start week two.  I have been looking at 5K races in November/December, knowing that I will have completed the whole program by then.  I figure if I already commit to one race around that time, it will keep me motivated as the running program continues to get more intense.

The hills were a bit easier each day I ran.  On Thursday, I rode my bike up part of the hills, something I couldn't do before.  That made me feel really good.  Running must be strengthening my legs already, do you think?  Or maybe I just happened to have more energy as a result of the running?  I don't know - either way, I'm glad it is working. 

Well....on to week two!

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  1. The incredible shrinking woman flies into the lead as her muscles propel less and less weight toward the finish line!